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What ETL Students and Stakeholders Have to Say....
MATT:  My name is Matthew Burton, I am 22 and live in Exeter, NH with my parents.  My experiences with ETL so far have been very positive.  I first joined last March, upon a recommendation from my friend Cordelia.  At the time, I was living with my parents, just starting the path to independence and living on my own.  I had ideas about what I wanted but no idea the cost or work it entailed to live on my own.  I had ideas about what I wanted but no idea the cost or work it entailed to get there.  I was nervous about meeting new people at first, but as I got to know other students, I felt more at home.  Cordelia and I started a subgroup of ETL in Exeter and along with James, Taylor, and Debi, we have a fun time.  We do so many different activities from swimming in my pond, to going on a ghost hunt, to planning and executing our first urban hike in Boston.  I love the fact that we do so many different things and that we have fun doing them.  I also enjoy the fact that we make a meal at every meeting.  It teaches me how  to cook and gain valuable skills I'll need when I move out.  I love all my  friends I have made at ETL, and how much I've learned that will help me down the road.  I hope to make many more friends in the future.
By: Michael Sollberger

Love has no limits or boundaries
It’s a lot more than a four letter word
When you can call each other names
Without bringing hurt
When you’re happy with someone
For who they really are
And when you look at that other person
Like they were a superstar
When, on your worst of days
They can make you smile
And to always know
That person is worth the while

      A Memory Game from a trip to 
     the White Mountains with ETL

In My Grandmother's Trunk
by Ryan Cole

In my grandmother's trunk there are:
Alligators eating apples
Baboons bouncing balls
Chimpanzees chasing cats
Dogs digging dirt
Eight elegant elephants
Frogs flipping over fans
Geese passing gas
Jact and Jill
Kangaroos kicking kankles
Limping loons in love
Michael making movies
Napping nuns at noon
Obnoxious people from Oregon
Pepperoni pan pizza
Quitters being quiet
Really red ribbons
Sally selling seashells
Utopia for umbrellas
Xialophone getting x-rays
Young youth yelling
Zebras driving zambonies

A story by Andrew Bryant:

    We had a Christmas here at the Teen Center.  I saw a lot of my friends, including the ones from camping in Saco.  I hung out with Leroy a lot of the time.  At the Yankee Swap, I got a fishing pole.  When Linda gave us all presents, I got a zebra puzzle, a wallet, a watch, and, an alarm clock.  Leroy got a skate-board.  I told him to be careful when riding.
   by Natasha Hayes

    I like Ethel's Tree of Life because I'm learning stuff I've never learned before and I'm making new friends.  I like doing workshops.  Everything is awesome!
Saco KOA Campover 
   by Andrew Bryant

     I am writing about the first time I went to Saco with ETL.  There, I made some new friends:  Damian, Leroy, Jason, Jacob, and, Kayla.  Both Natasha and Maranda were there.  There, we did a lot of outdoor activities like scavenger hunts, Funtown, tie-dye, metal detecting, and cooking s'morz.  I loved sleeping in a cabin with the boys.  The first night, we went bowling.  Linda wouldn't let me say goodnight to Jason because he got in trouble.  Leroy wanted to read my diary, but I told him, "Sorry, Leroy.  That's personal."
     Damian and Leroy slept on the top unks, me and Jason had the bottom bunks.  Jacob slept on the floor.  Once I saw Damian in the cabin.  I was putting on a sweatshirt.  He snuck up behind me and yelled, "Boo!".  That made me angry.  Cassie told the story about the monster's toe.  I told the story af Wolfgang B-head.  

The Wine Tasting
   by Ryan McInnis

     I am writing abou the ETL Winetasting.  The Wine Tasting was in Portsmouth, NH.  At the Wine Tasting, we had an Auction to raise money for ETL.  We reaised a lot of money at the wine tasting.  The Wine Tasting was a lot of fun because there was people I could talk to.  The Wine Tasting was my first event I did with ETL.  Also there was food and drinks there to have.
Logan's drawing of the Youth Center main room.