Ethel's Tree of Life, Inc. (ETL) is dedicated to working with young people who live with any disabilities and/or special needs.  Special needs can be defined by anything that causes students to have difficulty learning, whether it be a disability or perhaps a situation at home (like a death in the family).  ETL students learn to say "I can!"  through our many and varied learning experiences!  Building Life and Work Skills assists a very vulnerable population prepare for successful adulthood.   Please go to our Facebook Group at  for day to day updates and to learn all about our history!  Click on Learn More About Ethel to see events, activities, legal paperwork, student applications, and, much more!  

Ethel’s Tree of Life, Inc. has served Southern York County, Maine and Seacoast New Hampshire since February of 2003. The main objective with our transition training is to help students learn the skills that will help them to transition successfully into adult life.
Our services are provided through mentor and recreation based group activities.

When we accomplish a Life Skills Trip, such as our most recent to Winter Carnival in Old Quebec in February of this year, much preparation for the students is involved. They are asked to become familiar with the area we are going to visit through research on the Internet and exploration of the area on Google Earth. These activities are multifaceted in purpose. One, anxiety levels are lessened with familiarity. Two, interesting facts about the places we will visit or stay at are discovered. And, three, computer skills are heightened. Mapping, site recognition, the ability to follow directions, meal preparation, team work, and, a buddy system are all incorporated in order to accomplish a Life Skills Trip.

Our Workshop Series are intended to focus on a particular subject while breaking that subject down into understandable components. Many concepts, such as Human Communication and Social Mores (unwritten rules of society), are abstract and difficult to understand or to use without the whys and wherefores behind them. A typical day for our Workshop Series would be: Students begin with Peer Support Group (a way to share and develop communication skills, to connect with others, and, to understand others) (15 minutes). Peer Support is followed by a presentation on subject matter (power point presentation) and a discussion of subject. (30 minutes) After the presentation, there are usually two activities that relate directly to the presented subject. (60 minutes). For example: When our Human Communication Series was presented, we separated into 8 units the ways that humans communicate. We chose Speech, Body Language, Written Language, Symbolism, Facial Expressions, and, the Arts as our topics. For one of the Arts presentations, one of our activities was photography. Students were each given a disposable camera, went for a walk as a group, and, took pictures of each other and of things they saw. Then, the pictures were presented with students explaining what each picture meant to them. Our workshop on symbolism entailed a walk through a local cemetery and students either sketched symbols or took pictures. We returned to our center and researched the meaning of the symbols and found that some of the things the symbols represented were honor, love, military service, or, membership in an organization.

Our Summer Activities provide a venue for students to use the skills they have worked hard on building throughout the school year. The schedule is posted well in advance and students are encouraged to research destinations on the Internet. Problem solving, treating each other with respect, following rules, goal setting, site recognition, mapping, use of many different forms of transportation, and, responsibility for being prepared for the day (carrying a back pack with spending money, sun screen, water, swimming needs, personal items) are all part of expectations and goals for students.

You can donate any time here on the site, or, at using e-mail, or, you can visit and look us up there!)
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   Are you a teen or young adult who lives with a disability?  Have you ever wished that someone would ask you what you would like to do in life?  Do you know the things you will need to know in order to live on your own?  How about friends after high school?  Or, have you thought about college?  These are all things that we encourage our students at ETL to think about, set goals about, and, accomplish!  We would like to share what we do, ideas from you, and thoughts from our students.  Please join us.  You can find us on Facebook, too!  Our Group:  
Our trip began with a stop at Good Shepherd Food Bank where we received a tour of the facility!
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  LOCATION:  3 WILLOW DRIVE SOUTH BERWICK  The South Berwick Youth Center, where ETL is housed, sits on the corner of Willow Drive and Agamenticus Drive.  Landmarks to look for are the soccer fields past Aggie's Ice Cream and the Lunch Box store.  
Then, it was on to Old Quebec!  We arrived early evening, settled in at the Auberge Internationale Hostel inside the walls of the Old City, and, went out to explore!
We visited the Lower City after a ride on the funicular, visited the Plains of Abraham and viewed the Snow Sculpture Competition, and, danced outside at Bonhomme's Ice Palace!
Many thanks to our chaperone, Lee Bryant, and to Andrew Bryant for all of the great Carnival Pictures! 
Out and about on Saturday, exploring the Bonhomme Ice Palace, Plains of Abraham, trying out the ice slide, and waiting for Bonhomme.
Feb. 2011 Life Skills Trip to Old Quebec and Winter Carnival!
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